Get Beefy! The Best Protein for Building Muscles

What is the best protein for building muscle?

Get Beefy! The Best Protein for Building Muscles

Red Meat: A Superior Protein Source.

A very popular question among many beginner bodybuilders is “what is the best protein source?”  How important is red meat for bodybuilders? Some guys swear by it, while others rely on fish and chicken.

Red meat contains creatine, iron B vitamins. Giving it an “anabolic advantage” over other protein sources. It’s like a meal with effective muscle building supplements already included. Beyond that, having unique properties making it a superior protein source. A great source for anyone trying to increase muscle size and increase strength.

Bodybuilders knew this as far back as the 1930s, if not earlier. Decades before that, old-time strong men were big eaters of steak and beef. It does have a lot of fat in it for the most part, unless you choose leaner cuts. Probably wise not to eat at every meal. But once or twice a day, at most, is probably optimal.