Month: September 2018

IGF-1 May Be The Secret Ingredient Of Muscle Building Supplements

Low IGF-1 Levels? Low Insulin-like Growth Factor Levels Linked to Metabolic Syndrome. The metabolic syndrome is a cluster of heart disease risk factors. Including high blood pressure and abdominal fat deposition. Along with insulin resistance, abnormal blood fats and type 2 diabetes. It is a marker of poor metabolic health. Increases risk of heart attack, […]

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Humans Designed to Move and Eat Maintaining a healthy weight. Focus on good-quality nutrition and regular exercise if you want to maintain a healthy weight. This, according to an editorial from Laval University in Quebec Canada. Most studies show dietary restrictions, the most important factor in losing weight. And exercise has minimal effect. However, exercise […]

Train Smart – Build the Best Physique Possible

Train Smart: Build Muscle, Increase Strength and Supplements LIFT HEAVY TO GAIN STRENGTH: Program structure influences gains in strength and muscle size–according to a new study. Experienced weight trainers participated in train smart programs designed to maximize strength or hypertrophy. Strength workouts used heavier weights, fewer reps and longer rest intervals (85% of maximum, five […]

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

What is a HIIT workout? High intensity interval training High-intensity interval training (HIIT) involves repetitions of intense exercise lasting 10-180 seconds, followed by rest or reduced exercise intensity. While studies show increases fitness faster than traditional, moderate-intensity exercise. Also, effects on weight loss are proven positive. Because few exercise techniques are more effective at improving […]

Workout Attitude and Training

Ideas to keep your workouts fresh and keep your mind from wandering and losing focus How your workout attitude affects your training With no down-time between sets, you become more involved in your fitness journey. While no time for daydreaming, wishing you were somewhere else or becoming bored. Because in fact, a most desirable attitude […]

Pyramid Weight Training

Build Muscle and Strength with Pyramid Weight Training What exactly is this pyramid weight training? Does it mean increasing weights as you go? Also, what is reverse pyramid training? Starting heavy and using less weight as you tire? Is one better than the other? With pyramid weight training, warm up first with lighter weights. As […]

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