Month: October 2018

Stay Vigilant-Prostate Cancer Progression Prevention

Stay Vigilant On Prostate Cancer Progression Prevention Aspirin’s Health Benefits for Men Consuming aspirin three days per week, linked to reducing risk of developing or dying from advance prostate cancer. According to researchers from Harvard University and Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston. Aspirin, however, no effect on getting the disease in the first place. In […]

What She Really Thinks About A “Two Minute Man”?

What She Really Thinks About A “Two Minute Man”? Treatment options for premature ejaculation Modern women expect staying power and a little sexual savoir-fare. Unfortunately, many men suffer from premature ejaculation,  two minute wonders who leave women flat and unsatisfied. Premature ejaculation (PE) is psychologically traumatic for men and women. Making men feel sexually inadequate […]

Are Thermogenic Supplements Dangerous?

Are Thermogenic Supplements Dangerous? Finding a Safe Thermogenic Supplement Thermogenesis and Weight Control Metabolism works by converting one form of energy into another. Chemical energy from food, for example,  converted to mechanical energy to contract muscle. The body only traps about 25 percent of food energy as usable energy. The rest energy, lost as heat. […]

Get Beefy! The Best Protein for Building Muscles

Get Beefy! The Best Protein for Building Muscles Red Meat: A Superior Protein Source. A very popular question among many beginner bodybuilders is “what is the best protein source?”  How important is red meat for bodybuilders? Some guys swear by it, while others rely on fish and chicken. Red meat contains creatine, iron B vitamins. […]

Jefferson Squats-Build Thigh and Hamstring Mass

Build Trophy Winning Thigh and Hamstring Mass Jefferson Squats The hardest part of a bodybuilder’s life is maintaining the mental disciple to drive one’s body to the brink. While not jumping off the cliff to total annihilation. When it comes to the thighs, little opportunity to hold back much. Unless you want to remain in […]

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