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Bodybuilding Tips

Do you have motivation techniques to help you succeed with your bodybuilding weight training routines? What do you want to accomplish? What goals do you have in mind?

These are things you must ask yourself. You need a goal, you need a plan, you need a destination. Maybe you want rock hard abs, big muscles, lose weight, or even be a fitness model. Regardless you have to want to be there. However without motivation you will probably fail. You must be extremely self motivated to be successful.

Almost all of these tips are MENTAL related.. Remember your mind controls your body…This is the mindset you want to be in…that is what you must keep IN MIND. Adding muscle building supplements helps reach your bodybuilding goals. Safely and quick. Bodybuilding supplements give you the extra push you need to push yourself to the limit!

1. Its all a game so lets win baby!

bodybuildingThink of this and life in general as a game. Now the goal of any game is to win, but winning can mean more then just beating someone else. To win in this game is just to do it…day after day. Be on top of “the game” If you workout little by little before you know it you’ll be a beast.

Now mind you, you have to perform the proper techniques, follow good nutrition, get enough sleep, and don’t over train but it will come. But as they say with the lottery “You have to play to win”.

2. Understand the learning process

This applies to life in general. Understand the learning process. You must understand that you can’t go from 0 – 100 overnight. Take baby steps…you will learn, your body will learn, and you will get results.

This applies to everything especially weight training. Its usually those first 2-4 weeks that are the toughest because you’re learning a new habit, your body is learning the movements…but once you’ve learned it you’ve got it!

3. Be Positive…Always

Always, always, always be and remain positive. EVERY person who is successful believes they can do it. You must believe in yourself and not just rely on the belief of others…not your mom, not your dad, not your friends, not your girlfriend/wife, not even your kids…YOU MUST.

If you make a mistake, its okay your learning (see number 2), its you miss today just try tomorrow and you’ll be back in the game (see number 1).

4. Visualize yourself as you want to be

Now don’t lose me here. There’s been countless studies where group A visualizes themselves performing a sports act without physically doing anything. Group B performs the sports act and group C visualizes and performs the act. After a number of weeks group A has gains…as if they were performing the act, group B is better from actually performing the act, and group C achieves the best results.

What does that tell me? Your mind gains benefit from just thinking about what you’re doing. This applies to anything…When your not lifting, visualize your workout routine. If your consistent you’ll have better workouts. Apply step 3 to visualization.

5. Write your weight lifting goals down and look at them…constantly

There’s something that happens with humans when they write something down. It comes to life…to fruition. I know I’ve written down ideas and goals and have fallen back to them as I was going through rough times. This helps you “remember” who you are and who you want to be.

These 5 motivation techniques apply not only to sticking with your weight training routines but also to life. So whether rock hard abs, big muscles, lose weight, or even be a fitness model rely on these steps when your in the middle of the storm. When you get out…you’ll be both physically and mentally stronger.


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