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Burn Fat and Build Muscle-Exercise Tips

Exercise on an Empty Stomach to Burn Fat

weight-loss-pillPeople burn fat about 10 to 15 calories per minute during recreational level aerobic training. Caloric expenditure remains elevated after exercise-depending on duration and intensity. Researchers found that 24 hour fat burning is greater following exercise on an empty stomach compared to exercising after a meal. Research subjects exercised for 60 minutes at 50 percent of maximum effort., either after or before a meal. Digestive status had no effect on 24 hour caloric expenditure. Exercise on an empty stomach if you want to burn more fat and lose weight.  Adding a post workout fat burning pill will help with the weight loss results you want.

Music Can Amp You Up

Athletes use music to boost workout intensities or promote recovery after training. Music has a strong influence on stress hormone release. Also nervous system activity and the immune system according to a review of literature at Harvard University. Soothing sounds, such as classical or elevator music, reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Also enhances the immune system and reduces the release of stress hormones such as cortisol. Reducing stress can help with weight loss as well. More aggressive music, such as heavy metal, hip hop or techno, increases the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. (i.e., the fight -or-flight system). While this releases testosterone. A good strategy for athletes or weight lifters is to amp up with aggressive music before and during muscle building training. Then cool down with classical music during recovery. Adding muscle building supplements and testosterone boosters help as well with muscle pumps and workout aggression.

Burn Fat and Build Muscle-Exercise Tips
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