Best Way to Train Large Muscle Groups

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Best Way to Train Large Muscle Groups

Train Large Muscles First, Then Small Muscles

One basic principle of weight training is to do large muscle exercises first. Exercises like bench presses and squats need done first, then small exercises. Small exercises, such as biceps curls and knee extensions. Small exercises fatigue the target muscles rapidly. Limiting their ability to contract during larger exercises.

Fatigued small muscles limit the ability to build larger muscles during the large exercises. Many scientists affirm this training principle. Comparing performance in a five exercise program. Progressing from large exercises like bench press, lat pull, shoulder press, bicep curls and triceps extensions. Then small exercises to large, the previous mentioned exercises in reverse order.

Predictably, performance on large exercises suffered when performed last in a program. You may choose curls first in your program, if trying to increase bicep/arm size. In general, do large exercises before small exercises. Unless wanting to emphasize and build the smaller muscles.