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Weight Training Tips

Weight Training – Supplementing Before Bed

Weight training plus protein or muscle building supplements before bed maximizes muscle protein synthesis. Consuming muscle building supplements or 30 to 50 gram protein shake before bed. Increases muscle protein synthesis. The effect, even greater if training practiced in the evening before consuming supplements. Researchers accurately assessed muscle protein synthesis by measuring the rate that isotope tracers. Included in the protein supplement incorporated into muscle tissue. Weight training before drinking or taking the supplement resulted in greater incorporation of the amino acids into the muscle. Training before bed and supplementing muscle building supplements and protein, a simple way to boost muscle growth.

Loading: Heavy for Strength and Moderate for Size

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Heavy VS moderate weight loads…Build power and strength.

Strength and power athletes need a combination of strength, power and muscle size. Strength is the ability to exert force. Power is the ability to exert force rapidly. Larger muscles ultimately have capacity for greater strength because the have more tissue are to exert force. A study found training program involving two to four reps per set using heavy weight triggered greater strength gains. Rather than performing eight to 12 reps per set at a moderate weight. Moderate-load training produced increased muscle size. Performing three sets of seven exercises, three days per week for eight weeks. Use heavy loads and two to four reps for strength and moderate loads with eight to 12 reps for muscle size.

Weight Training Tips
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