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Hardcore Training Tips

Hardcore Training-3 techniques to bring your chest up

  1. DROP SETS: For this workout, every set is a drop set after warming up. This gets increasingly difficult as the workout goes on because the pump is so extreme.
  2. GIANT SETS: Doing three different exercises in a row with no rest in between. A typical giant set for chest might be: Incline Barbell Press – Incline Dumbbell Flyes – Seated Bench Press Machine
  3. HARDCORE TRAINING: This is a very intense way to train. Combining drop sets and forced reps. The first three out of four sets for an exercise are drop sets. While the last one is taken past failure with forced reps. Try to go even further past failure by not ending the set until you can’t even lower the weight under control anymore. If choosing this method-it is very important to have a good spotter. Preferably a strong one. Usually having two spotters working with you for safety. You’ll build huge muscles in no time! Adding a muscle building supplement or bulking supplement helps with your gains.

Train for Exploding Triceps

After working biceps with an exploding bicep routine. Maybe one where you do three sets of eight. One set of seated dumbbell curls. Standing bicep dumbbell curls and finishing off with hammers. Adding a tri-set three days later. A good one for a normal routine where you can go heavy for straight sets.

  • Lying Triceps Extensions (Lying French Presses) 4 X 8-10
  • Parallel Bar Dips 4 X 8-10 (add weight if you need it)
  • Close-grip Bench Press  4 X 8-10
  • Cable Extensions 4 X 12-15

Later in the week, do three tri-sets with the three exercises all in a row with no rest between. Cable push downs with a regular overhead grip. Cable pull downs with a reverse grip (you may need to reduce the weight quickly before starting this one.) Finish with parallel dips. You will not need to add weight for the dips this time. Rest for two minutes. Then do it again. Repeat once more. Flex your triceps hard for a full 30 seconds. Then stretch them. They should feel like they will feel like they will explode!



Hardcore Training Tips
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