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Connor McGregor Arrested After Fit Of Roid Rage ?

Conor McGregor Crashes UFC 223 Presser, Throws Barricade, Injures Fighter and  Flees. Connor McGregor Arrested ? McGregor’s spent his lengthy layoff doing this sort of thing, so it’s not exactly surprising that he’d go wild before an event expressly designed around his absence. Courtesy of fighter Felice Herrig’s Instagram, here he is coming at a […]

Russia Banned from 2018 Winter Olympics!

Doping Scandal! Russia  BANNED from the ’18 Winter Olympics after caught running a MASSIVE doping scheme. International Olympic Committee announced Tuesday. Athletes from Russia, across every sport, not allowed to compete representing the nation. The Russian flag not flown, and officials from the country not welcome in PyeongChang, South Korea. FYI — Russian athletes — who […]

Steroid Alternatives-Anadrol for Muscle & Power.

What do competitive bodybuilders and professional athletes take to improve mass and increase strength fast? LEGAL STEROID  ALTERNATIVE SUPPLEMENTS. Legal steroid alternatives, a hot new trend. Here is some information to get you started.  First off, all ingredients are one hundred percent safe as long taken as directed. When taken as directed, no harmful side effects […]

Terrific Testobolic-Explosive Muscle Pumps and Gains!

Featured Product – Testobolic Take a look at our featured product! *Most Products are NOT currently banned for use in competition and can be used by professional athletes and military personnel. If used properly, these products will be beneficial to athletes and bodybuilders alike. A popular choice for this week. Testobolic by Muscle Labs USA  is […]

Could the Fight of the Year be Cancelled?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Conor McGregor- Mayweather VS McGregor !  Officially canceled?!?! Floyd untilized a clause, written into his contract by his lawyers that allowed him to back out of the fight at anytime given certain circumstances. The verbal punches that took place at the press conferences will be the only punches these two will […]

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