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Rich Piana’s EX Wife Now Using His Last Name on Instagram


RIP Rich Piana

RIP Rich Piana. Rich Piana’s estranged ex wife is now using his LAST NAME on Instagram. In the wake of his passing I feel that this is very disrespectful.

She also states in her latest Instagram post that they are still legally married. But in a video Rich uploaded a year ago he says he had the marriage annuled.

Extreme bodybuilder, Rich Piana 46,passed away last week due to injury from a fall. Many speculate steroids caused his death. Placed in a medically induced come for two weeks before his death.

The athlete had a 27-year history of admitted steroid use — once saying that it’s necessary to juice if one to become a professional bodybuilder. His passing is shocking anyway. Maybe it’s because Keith Richards types—people who defy the odds of their lifestyle to outlive those who do boring stuff like jog and eat boiled chicken breast—are so lionized. The few pickled humans who roll lucky on the longevity odds get so much attention that the mean outcome can be shocking.

In every video, Piana would tell the viewer his true fears, inadequacies, and struggles. He had as much tough-guy bravado as any tattooed sphere of muscle in Southern California, but unlike them, he would look directly at the camera and say that he wished he had someone else’s body or that he felt like a child training next to a particular person. Often, he’d say something that was explicitly ridiculous, but you could tell it was part of a gnawing anxiety.

Estranged from Sara Piana for awhile now. Many speculating she’s trying to cash in on Rich Piana name and businesses for her own wealth.

Rich Piana’s EX Wife Now Using His Last Name on Instagram
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