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Tried and True Methods for Boosting Bench Press

Tried and True Methods for Boosting Your Bench Press

Bench Press Secrets

Most guys know their strength by their bench press. How do some seem like they bench press houses and others struggle with 225 pounds or less?

Tried and true methods for boosting bench press discussed in this artcle. Just like in certain sports, like tennis or discus throwing, set up is critical for maximum performance and muscle gains.

Minimize the range of motion by arching your back. Pushing the bar straight up from your chest. The arch, continuous from your lower to upper back. While not involving lifting your butt off the bench. The arch reduces range of motion, providing significant spinal support for the motion. Set your  feet firmly underneath your body, as far back on the bench as possible. Getting a powerful leg drive during the lift.

While performing the exercise, push your upper back toward your butt. Retracting and depressing the scapula (large wing bone in your back). This keeping you tight and adding stability during the lift.

Get a handoff from an experienced lifter or bodybuilder-not some high school kid who is intimidated by the weight. Use a small belt when going for maximum lift. Wear shoes with heels, like weight lifting shoes to increase stability.

Set up the same way every time you bench and you’ll soon be benching and building muscles with the big boys.

Tried and True Methods for Boosting Bench Press
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