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Steroids Not Cause of Bodybuilders Death

Famous and renowned bodybuilder, Dallas McCarver has died at the age of 26. Officers responded to a 911 call at the bodybuilder’s residence in Boca Roton, Florida, just after midnight on August 21. No foul play is suspected at this time and police are now awaiting the medical examiner’s report,

It appears he may of choked on food causing Dallas McCarver death.

Dallas McCarver, known as “Big Country” burst into the bodybuilding scene when he was 21 in the summer of 2012.  At the IFBB North American Championships in Pittsburgh. Becoming the youngest overall national champ in the history of bodybuilding. (That record fell three years later to Cody Montgomery) At 242 pounds, Dallas was a diamond in the rough. Spending his time toiling away, building muscles at the gym. Ready to smash his IFBB debut at the 2015 California Pro at 260 pounds. By the time he stepped onstage at his first Mr. Olympia that fall, Dallas was 272 pounds! Continuing to grow, by 2016 Mr. Olympia McCarver was 284 pounds and found his way into the coveted top 10, placing eighth. Back in March 2017, he collapsed on stage due to bronchitis.

Dallas “Big Country” McCarver-Passed away at age 26 Aug. 2017

Dana Brooke, WWE Superstar posted on Instagram just hours before his death, “Someone who day in and day out is helping and giving so much to so many people,” she said of her beau in the photo’s caption. “[McCarver] is one of the most genuine people I have ever met.”

Big on social media , one of Dallas McCarver’s quotes- “They say they are fans or critics, but really are usually people who couldn’t make it and want to shit on someones else’s day. Someone who is going after what they want to achieve. It’s not easy, but you have to learn to not let any of that get to you.” Dallas “Big Country” McCarver– you will be missed. RIP

Steroids Not Cause of Bodybuilders Death
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