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5 Goals-Transform Your Physique!

Physique Goals

A goal can be thought of as a destination. Where do you want to go? When you get in your car, you almost always have a distinct destination in mind, as well as a time for arrival. Just turning on the ignition and driving without particular place to go, your wasting time. Bodybuilding isn’t so different. Unless you’re constantly working toward a specific goal or goals. You’re just spinning your wheels. Any chances of improving your physique are remote. Though you may maintain what you’ve built thus far. If that’s fine with you, cool. But I’m willing to bet that for most of you, you’re not satisfied with your physique. Not reaching your full potential yet. Here are 5 goals that can help you make significant improvements to your bodybuilding physique.

Set a Bodyweight and Body Fat Goal

Ask any guy what his goals are for the off-season. Most of the answers will be “get bigger”. The problem is the vague nature of the answer. How much bigger? The amount needs to be quantified and the simplest way to do that is terms of specific bodyweight. Let’s say your 220 pounds You want to gain mostly lean muscle tissue. Unless you’re a raw novice, forget about outrageous amounts like 20 or 30 pounds. Assuming training for at least a few years, a total weight gain of 10 pounds, far more realistic. A reasonable time to do that is about 12 weeks. To gain more muscle than fat, try adding a weight gaining supplement. Adjust your training and more importantly, your diet. Check your weight every week. If you’re not getting where you want, train harder and up your calories.

strength cycle
Get stronger on a key lift

While not all of us have a hard time putting on size and weight. Also those among you who do those things without extraordinary effort. Maybe big and bulky since your earliest lifting days. Maybe even husky, chubby or even outright fat most of your life. You have appreciable amount of muscle packed on your frame, yet never had a good look at it. Now is the time to get fat tested. Decide how much of that you want to lose, as well as a deadline to lose it. How much leaner you want to get is up to you. Let’s say you find you’re 35 percent body fat. How good do you want to look? By the time you get to 15 percent, changes in your appearance will be dramatic. If you decide to get to 10 percent, you’ll look amazing! This will take most men about 6 months. As with weight gain, fat loss should conform to a realistic time frame.  Do it the right way, moderate cardio and clean eating. Adding fat burning supplements as well. Get your body fat tested at regular intervals to ensure your headed in right direction.

Get Stronger on a Key Lift or Lifts

Odds are that if training for number of years, lifts stuck at the same numbers for a long time. If you’ve accepted that, but not thrilled with the plateau. Now is the time to decide which one or two lifts you want to get stronger on. Before you dismiss this whole goal as being impossible, ask yourself this. How much attention, in terms of time, did you ever apply toward improving this lift? Many bodybuilders, locked into the paradigm of training each body part once a week. Thus probably only been bench-pressing once a week, or squatting once a week. No athlete in pure strength sports like powerlifting or Olympic lifters typically work on their lifts every day. Sometimes two or three times a day! if you set aside a block of time and work that lift hard, three times a week for 10-12 weeks. You bet you will get stronger on it. Even if stuck at the same weight for five to 10 years. And if you manage increasing max squat form 405 to 455 in those weeks for example. That strength will carry over handling heavier weights for reps once your strength cycle is over. Result? Bigger legs.

Make a Trip to the Arnold or Mr. Olympia

Bodybuilding Contest

May seem like an odd goal for those of you who have never been to one of the two big shows. Those who have, attest to the fact that you’ll never see so many men an women in phenomenal shape. Muscular and lean, anywhere else in the world in one place. Not talking about the competitors, but the fit chicks and meatheads strolling around the expo. Plenty of guys plane a “mini-cut” leading up to the Arnold or Olympia. Simply to look good there. It may sound vain, but attending one of these shows is an excellent way to set the goal and achieve it.

Enter a Powerlifting Meet

You certainly can set a personal goal of improving a lift or two. But if you want to seriously want to get stronger, register and compete in a powerlifting meet. The pressure is on when you know you will be up on that lifting platform trying to outlift every other man in your weight class. Win or lose, adding new mass to your frame by increasing your strength in the bench press. Or deadlifts and squats.

Target a Bodybuilding Contest to Enter

Many have absolutely zero interest in ever getting up onstage in little trunks and flexing in front of an audience. The most challenging goal on this list. Entering a contest at least once as a bodybuilder. You’ll never be so motivated on a daily basis to train your hardest. Eating as clean as possible.  Knowing one day coming up on the calendar, your body, out under the bright lights for all to see. And judged against others. Competitive bodybuilders tend to improve at a steadier rate. Ultimately coming closer to full potential than recreational bodybuilders for that very reason. Every workout, every cardio session, every meal and even every hour of sleep serves a purpose when in prep. Driven as never before. Win or lose, looking the best you ever have—and that’s always a win.


5 Goals-Transform Your Physique!
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