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Get Lean for the Summer: Get That V-Taper

Road to a V-Taper

Want to drop a few pounds before the summer gets here? While wanting to lose the gut and get ripped to revel the V-Taper that lies within you? Do you run into obstacles and roadblocks? The following article will empower you with knowledge to tighten things up and lose body fat. Transforming into a leaner version of yourself with a more classic proportioned physique.

Best Diet for a V-Taper

Protein plays an important role in minimizing body fat. High quality protein enhances fat loss because essential amino acids, especially leucine. Stimulates muscle protein synthesis, which leads to greater muscle mass. The increase in muscle boosts metabolic rate. While increasing the consumption of fatty acids, leading to fat loss.

Diets that target food portions and macronutrient ratios (carbohydrates:protein:fat) to banish a fat gut. Relying on restoring the sensitivity of the body to the hormone, insulin and reducing its fat gaining properties by dropping the carbohydrate content of the diet and glycemic index/load. Reducing carbohydrates, especially high-glycemic load diets. Moderating saturated fat intake and incorporating olive oil and cardio helps you lose inches around the waist.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet, gaining considerable attention as fat-loss program, with plenty of science to back it up. The diet includes the high intake of olive oil, fish, fruits and vegetables along with a moderate use of dairy products. The monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids found in olive oil and fish show to positively impact body composition. Causing greater fat loss, especially around the waist.

Eating fruits and vegetables associated with the Mediterranean diet provides complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index that triggers a lower insulin response. Because low glycemic carbs don’t cause blood sugar levels to rise quickly. The requirement for insulin secretion is lowered. Since insulin directly inactivates fatty acid oxidation, the lower insulin levels in response to low glycemic carbs sources raises the level of fatty acid oxidation. Resulting in lower body fat. This diet suggests that a low carbohydrate diet with supplemental  olive oil, the best bang for the buck to lose the gut.

Meal Frequency: Does it Matter?

Diet for V-Taper BodySome think that eating small frequent meals optimizes fat loss. According to the theory, go without eating for more than a few hours and your body shifts into “starvation mode”. Part of the starvation response is to slow down metabolism in an effort to conserve energy. Pretty hard to get lean when your metabolic rate isn’t cooperating. Providing your body with a constant stream of nutrients prevents the starvation response. By “stoking the metabolic furnace,” thereby enhancing the ability to burn stubborn body fat.Despite seemingly logical basis,however the evidence does not support metabolic benefits of increased meal frequency either.

Studies looked at feeding frequencies and fat loss through randomized controlled trials. Finding that eating small, frequent meals appears to have little if any effect on reducing body fat. Meal frequency comes down to personal preference. Choose whatever frequency fits your lifestyle. Focus on what’s important to achieving fat loss. Creating negative energy balance and consuming adequate dietary protein. Eat a minimum of three daily meals spaced out no more than every five to six hours to promote optimal muscle growth. Any less than three meals, potentially risks muscular gains.

Cardio:Train Smarter and Harder

HIIT Supports Anabolic EnvironmentCardio is a big part of the equation if you want to get ripped. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best way to go. A combination of high and low intensity exercise is the best exercise mode for fat burning and increasing total energy expenditure (all-day calorie burning). Without sacrificing muscle mass. HIIT burns fat and improves cardiovascular capacity with short but intense training sessions. Offering all the advantages needed to train smarter as well as harder.

HIIT entails working at 80-90 percent of your maximum capacity for roughly one minute. Accompanied by less intense recovery periods at 40-50 percent of maximum capacity. For approximately one minute. Studies found subjects performing HIIT increased cardiovascular capacity and burned considerably more body fat. Than those who did low-intensity cardio programs, while also promoting a more anabolic environment that supports muscle growth. In addition to HIIT burning fat and supporting a more anabolic setting, additional research  has shown HIIT also burns fat for longer periods of time, post workout, relative to low intensity cardio.


Get Lean for the Summer: Get That V-Taper
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