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Secrets for Muscle Size and Strength

Loading secrets for muscle size and getting strong

Proper selection of weight, sets and reps, critical for building muscle size, strength, power and endurance. Strength and power athletes need a combination of strong muscles, power and muscle size.

The ability to exert force and power combined with the ability to exert force rapidly shows how strong one is. Larger muscles ultimately have the capacity for greater strength because they have more tissue area to exert force.

Brad Schoenfeld from CUNY Lehman College in New York founding a training program. Involving two to four reps per set using heavy weights. Triggered greater strong gains than performing eight to 12 reps per set at a moderate weight. Moderate load training produced increases in muscle size (limb circumferences). The test subjects performed three sets of seven exercises. Three days per week for eight weeks.

Use heavy loads and two to four reps for strength. Use moderate loads and eight to 12 reps for muscle size.

Secrets for Muscle Size and Strength
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