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Workout Attitude and Training

Ideas to keep your workouts fresh and keep your mind from wandering and losing focus

How your workout attitude affects your training

With no down-time between sets, you become more involved in your fitness journey. While no time for daydreaming, wishing you were somewhere else or becoming bored. Because in fact, a most desirable attitude of training develops. Wrongly thinking is reserved for athletes on the fringe of competition. Furthermore, workout attitude of training is a valuable tool of confidence and provides a very real psychological benefit.

Alternate Workouts

workout mindset
Get the most from your workouts-Focus

I’d alternate between two workouts, looking for muscle gains and time-plus-effort commitment channeled into four sessions a week. Considering these virtuous prerequisites, a Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday scheme works well, giving you Wednesday and the weekend off for rest and relaxation, balance and order. It is these things of the mind and body that make light-weights perfectly heavy for muscle intensity (maximized tension within the muscle) and provoke muscle responses you’ve never experienced.

Reps and Protein

High rep dead lifts for a strong strength – a classic favorite of hardcore lifters with a generous heart. This is an excellent addition to a routine. Gives it guts and charm. Don’t forget – warm up and stay warm. Fuel up with a protein shake, and lots of water. You’ll perform far better, stronger, longer, inspired by an awesome pump and high spirits with less chance of injury.


Further your fat loss workouts — or take your first steps — as you find yourself caught up in the style and rhythm. Adding a bodybuilding supplement helps with motivation.

While another seldom reviewed benefit of dumbbell training is the powerful clean necessary to set them in place.  Fighting to return them to the starting position and back in the rack upon exercise completion. This is called a good old-fashioned work — bull work — . While building the body in functional and muscle and energy connected ways that static exercise does not and cannot. Go for it.

Workout Attitude and Training
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