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Find Your Pump: No Cookie-Cutter Workouts

Workouts for Building Muscle- Sets and Reps

What is a good number of sets and reps during your workouts to build muscle? How many days off a week do gain weight and muscle? With many people beginning weight lifting or bodybuilding, you need to start with nutrition first. Then get to work out the body parts that need attention.

Ab TrainingOnly you can feel which workouts and how many sets are doing the job. Getting you pumped in order to bring plenty of blood to the trained area and muscle. Pay attention to what is working for you and giving you the muscle pump. Don’t rely on others, because what works for them may not work for you.

A good base to start from, then figure out what’s good for you. Train each body part with 12 to 18 sets. Some people might feel it earlier. Some might need more. You must connect with your body to be able to determine what’s working for you. As far as reps, keep them between eight and 12 for your upper body. Anything lower than eight is probably too heavy to build muscle. Furthermore, you’ll be taxing your joints. Anything more than 12 is too light to do the job. When it comes to muscles that you use more, like forearms, calves, abdominals and legs – never do less than 15 reps and you can go as high as 25. These muscles seem to respond better to higher volume workouts.

The most important thing to remember is that you won’t grow in the gym. Keep your workouts nice and short. Just enough time to finish your sets. You’re not in the gym to socialize. You’re there to make your muscles scream and feel that important pump. Always take one day off after two consecutive training days. Give your muscles a chance to recover and get the right nutrients in order to grow.

Find Your Pump: No Cookie-Cutter Workouts
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