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Legal Steroids and Age

The 35-year old fitness pro intentionally looks twice his age!

Most people are trying to reverse the aging process, not dive head first into it! Many people use anti-aging creams, testosterone boosters, legal steroid and many more products to stop father time. Then there is fitness star, Pawel Ladziak. He is a 35 year old Polish fitness star. Having an impressive Instagram following, and surprisingly, it’s not for his ripped body.

legals-steroidsInstead, Ladziak entertains his almost 400,000 followers with clever use of white hair coloring. That’s right-he deliberately wants to look twice his age and has found that social media has responded to the images of a white haired man flexing his muscles in the gym.

Ladziak’s followers, constantly astounded by the fitness fanatic, asking how old he is. Some convinced he is in his 60’s and do not believe he is really 35. The personal trainer, who is also known as the “Polish Viking” . Advised Polish site, Wirtualna Polsa that he first colored his hair white after he began going gray years ago. Not wanting to do the salt and pepper thing, he speed up the aging process and go full on white.

Achieving a body like this is simple. No matter what your age. Adding legal steroid supplements to build muscle or lose fat will help you get to the body you desire.


Legal Steroids and Age
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