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Best Tips for Building Arm Muscles

No matter what your efforts, are you having trouble getting your arm muscles to grow? Read further for tips that are different than the same dribble everyone else is doing.

One must understand that the arm muscles are comprised in size by two-third of the triceps. If you truly want to grow the size of your arms, you need to pound the triceps.

Include variation in your training. Low-rep ranges for things like close grip bench presses, and higher rep ranges for isolation exercises. Smaller muscle groups such as biceps and triceps will absolutely respond to lighter weights and higher reps. Often when we use heavier weights we activate other muscle groups to move the weight. Why do you think we can straight bar curls way more weight than preacher curl? It is still a curl? The issue with the straight bar curl is we generate momentum during the bottom initiation of the rep, we first activate our forearms and it truly isn’t until almost the halfway point of the curl that the biceps are forced into full activation. Many then use their front delts to compensate for using too much weight. Reduce the weight, and isolate the muscle group in question. Do not allow the elbows to move, affecting the torque point of the exercise. Also, using cables for biceps and triceps is a good idea. Finding a much higher degree of muscle activation when applying torque throughout the entire range of motion. This is not so with free weights.

Another tip is before you perform each curl, initiate or flex the bicep. You will find very quickly how much faster the muscle becomes fatigued. This is a good thing-you are now working the muscle rather than working the exercise. Control the tension on the muscle through the entire range of motion. Pull or push hard on the concentric portion, while under control, then take a controlled negative on the eccentric portion of the rep. Remember, more is not better. Better is better. Crappy reps will give you crappy muscles-Fact!

Also adding a weight lifting supplement to help with building muscles and recovery is a good idea. You will get the most out of yourself using supplements for weight lifting.

Best Tips for Building Arm Muscles
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