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If It Feels Wrong, Do Not Do It-Weight Lifting Tip

Weight Lifting Tip

Reading about reverse-grip bench presses seems to be an awesome way to beef up the triceps and make them grow. After trying them a couple times recently, for some reason my hands do not seem to want to rotate all the way over. I can get them there into the reverse grip position, but my wrists and forearms are in agony and force me to quit long before my triceps give out on me. I need a weight lifting tip.

Should this be an exercise I should keep at? Maybe the wrists will become more flexible?

muscle-building-supplementsUnfortunately, it is an exercise you are not meant to do. Never continue to force your body to do an exercise that feels wrong, no matter how productive it is suppose to be. For instance, everyone will tell you that you absolutely have to do full deadlifts from the floor. I figured out that something about my particular structure made it an exercise that always felt awkward. The same goes for straight bar curls, and this is pretty close to the issue with the reverse grip presses. My wrist kill me if I try to rotate them over, palms up, and do barbell curls. Doing cambered bar curls all day-as well as any type of dumbbell curl, so it’s not a big deal. Even with close grip bench presses, my wrists get impinged if I go too narrow, so I space out my hands a little further apart.

It’s all about doing what works for you and staying away from exercises or positions with your grip, hand or foot spacing that cause the wrong type of pain. You are always better off either switching to a different exercise or finding another way to do that same exercise. We are not all clones. A big part of reaching your potential as a bodybuilder is customizing your training and nutrition. Also customizing your intake of supplements to gain muscle. Adding a legal steroid helps achieving your weight lifting and muscle building goals. Legal bodybuilding supplements give you the extra edge you need.

If It Feels Wrong, Do Not Do It-Weight Lifting Tip
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