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Gluten-Free Diet?

Is the Gluten-free diet the fad of the week?

The gluten-free diet is this week’s health fad.Becoming so popular with celebrities, like Russell Crow, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian.

It’s difficult to walk around the grocery store or read restaurant menu without seeing reference to gluten-free foods. Gluten, a mixture of proteins found in wheat and other whole grains. They don’t have much nutritional value but important source dietary fiber.

Gluten Free does NOT always mean it’s healthy.

About one to two percent of the population has celiac disease. Celiac disease, the inability to absorb gluten. While another one percent has non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Symptoms of both conditions include diarrhea, bloating, loss of appetite and gas.

Gluten is not harmful to most people. Following a gluten-free diet makes it difficult to consume adequate fiber. Also nutrients added to fortified wheat flour such as folic acid, other B vitamins and iron.


Avoid gluten if you have celiac disease, wheat allergies or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Don’t follow the diet just because some celebrities do.

Gluten-Free Diet?
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