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Partial Reps to Get Ripped Muscles

Tips to get ripped muscles!

You can only build muscle tissue if you can generate progressively stronger muscular contractions. Bodybuilders find ways to increase exercise intensity, getting ripped muscles.This should not be confused with exercise duration as maximum training intensity will actually shorten the time needed to achieve maximal muscular growth.

In an earlier article I outlined the ways in which you can intensify your training. While focus on the role that partial repetitions have to play in intensifying the training effect.

One of the biggest dangers confronting serious bodybuilders is the tendency to over train. Because bodybuilders at the advanced level must resist the temptation to seek improvement. Furthermore,  by simply adding more exercises or extra workouts to an already demanding schedule.

One way to maintain progress yet avoid over training is to make constructive use of partial repetitions. While this allows the introduction of additional intensity without adding significantly to the duration of training. To get the most out of partial repetitions you should follow these simple steps:

1. Use a much heavier weight than you would for the full range version of the same exercise.

2. Perform partial reps only from the halfway stage or mid-point of the exercise.

3. Use this method primarily on lagging body parts.

4. Perform only one exercise for one set per body part.

5. Use only as a supplement to full range movement exercises, not instead of.


Partial Reps to Get Ripped Muscles
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