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What She Really Thinks About A “Two Minute Man”?

What She Really Thinks About A “Two Minute Man”?

Treatment options for premature ejaculation

Modern women expect staying power and a little sexual savoir-fare. Unfortunately, many men suffer from premature ejaculation,  two minute wonders who leave women flat and unsatisfied.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is psychologically traumatic for men and women. Making men feel sexually inadequate and less masculine. PE is the most significant sexual problem in men. More prevalent than erectile dysfunction. Also, more prevalent than low sex drive, and inhibited orgasm.

It affects more than 30 percent of men. Most common during late teens and 20’s. A review of literature and meta-analysis from the IRCCS Hospital San Raffaele in Milan, Italy found some things may help. Reporting antidepressants help maintaining serotonin levels in the brain and erection promoting drugs, like Viagra and possibly testosterone boosters may help men with PE.

Dapoxetine seems the most effective and safest drug for treatment of premature ejaculation. Because age and experience, the best “treatments” for PE. Researchers concluded treatments for PE moderately effective at best. Furthermore, the best advice is to practice, practice, practice.

What She Really Thinks About A “Two Minute Man”?
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