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Get Big Muscles Like Arnold-Get Enough Protein

Get Big Muscles Like Arnold-Get Enough Protein

Meeting your protein needs

The most important thing is that you eat the right way to get big muscles. Getting the right amount of protein your body needs. Arnold believes in the formula, for every pound of bodyweight, add one gram of protein. This works best with five meals a day.

A typical day of eating for Arnold

In the morning,fine with three scrambled eggs, a little bit of bacon or sausage and cut-up tomatoes and onions. Then two hours after that, hungry again. Then, where ever he was, having a bag of plastic containers with protein powder and milk, mixing a protein shake. Then heading to the gym, working out for two and a half hours. Lunch time was next, eating steak. A few hours later another protein drink, drinking those up to twice a day.

How to make this meal plan work for you

Choosing the right supplement to get big muscles.

Meal 1: Eggs and oatmeal or Cream of Wheat

Meal 2: Protein shake with fruit, half cup of raw nuts, or three tablespoons natural peanut butter

Meal 3: Chicken and rice

Meal 4: Post-workout shake, whey protein isolate and cyclic dextrin

Meal 5: Steak and white or sweet potato

For many, a sixth meal of solid food, either during the day or later in the evening, depending on metabolism, appetite and activity levels.

Using supplements to fill the gap

We must recognize that we cannot get all the nutrients-vitamins, protein, minerals, etc that we need. That is why supplementing with muscle building supplements is a good idea if looking to build muscle mass. You take workout supplements because we don’t get enough from regular meals. No mater how healthy and how good you eat.


Get Big Muscles Like Arnold-Get Enough Protein
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