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Look and Feel Healthy this Summer-Health Tips

Just by changing or adding these tips to your everyday life-you’ll achieve your summer body goals quick!

Rent a bike.Get a set of wheels during your next vacation. Its the perfect way to see a city and get a dose of exercise.

Drink up.Fitness experts recommend taking 20 sips of water when you first wake up to start the day hydrated.

Set your alarm for the same time every morning. Do it regardless of when you go to sleep. According to sleep specialists, you’ll feel more rested if you stick to one wake up time.

Run for at least five minutes a day. It’s linked to greater longevity. Researchers found it can lengthen life by about three years.

Chill out with cryotherapy. Those who swear by this treatment-which involves entering a chamber full of air chilled to -160 to -300 degrees-credit it with burning calories, reducing inflammation and easing muscle pain.

Use a foam roller to reduce inflammation and flush toxins. Fitness experts say it can also reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Try a Reiki treatment. A practitioner works to move the client’s chi, or energy, through the body for greater health. Find an expert in your area through the International Association of Reiki Professionals at

Upgrade your yoga mat. Downward facing dog is much more fun when you’re starting at a beautiful mat!

Use a running tracker app like Strava with your friends. Research found that for every kilometer your friend runs, it’ll push you to go another .3 miles.

Add cinnamon to your meals. The spice has been shown to lower blood sugar. Sprinkle it over oatmeal in the morning., put it on yogurt at lunch and mix into chili at dinner.

Walk the stairs for 10 minutes. A new study found it gives a better boost than the amount of caffeine in a can of soda.

Match your music. Legendary running coach Jack Daniels advised running at 180 steps per minute. Stay on stride by listening to music at the same beats per minute. Try Spotify’s “Running to Roack 170-190 BPM” playlist.

Adding a preworkout supplement will help with cardio giving your the energy you need!

Take up horse back riding. Research has shown that riding horses can alleviate stress and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Cut out the diet soda. A recent study says those who drink it are at a greater risk for dementia and strokes.

Keep track of your workouts in a fitness journal. Also note bodybuilding supplements you currently take.

Make a goal. Create a vision board to take your fitness to the next level.

Know your blood type! Not only is this information in emergency situations. While it can also help you understand what foods to avoid, according to Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo’s Blood Type Diet.

Use weighted fitness drum sticks. They add a strength training challenge to cardio-dance workouts.

Turn off your smartphone and all screens by 10 p.m. Blue light from devices can negatively affect sleeping patterns.

Work your core using an ab roller wheel. For less than $20 this device promises to tone your shoulders, arms and back.

Look and Feel Healthy this Summer-Health Tips
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