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Want to Grow Muscles? Lift Heavy

Heavy Lifting to Grow Muscles?

Do you need to become very strong to grow muscles bigger? Some people don’t care how much weight they can bench press or squat. Lifting heavy can be dangerous if you do not know what you’re doing. Can you get the same big muscle results by using other techniques? Like slower reps, drop sets and superset?

muscle-supplementsIf you plan on growing big muscles, use heavier weights as time goes by. If you have 14-inch amrs and you’re curling 20-pound dumbbells, for example. You’ll never get your arms up to 17 or 18 curling those same 20-pound dumbbells. It does not matter how slow your reps are. Or even if you superset them with barbell curls and cable curls. Those techniques, really only effective for more experienced lifters. Ones who have become much stronger and realistically aren’t going to get a whole lot stronger.

If some guys can handle 180-pound dumbbells for incline presses after 20 years of training, that is super impressive. You can not expect him to keep getting stronger until he can press 250’s! As long as you warm up properly, use good form and don’t do very low reps like one to five, you shouldn’t get hurt.


Want to Grow Muscles? Lift Heavy
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