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Explosive Reps for Muscle Mass

Training for Muscle Mass?

When training for muscle mass, and building big muscles how should you lift the weight? Do you lift the weight slowly and try to squeeze the muscle throughout the entire range of motion? Or do you exert as much force as you can on the weight and attempt to lift it explosively?

Many bodybuilders like to do reps with an explosive positive. A little pause to fully contract the muscle on most exercises.Then a slower negative to control the weight down and feel it stretch. Do slow lifting portion down when going very heavy for sets. Sets of about six to eight reps. Just so you don’t put too much strain on the joints. Also not putting much stress on the tendons and ligaments as well. Most often, try to train with 10-12 reps per set and do the reps explosively.

Adding a muscle building supplement can help with building muscle mass also. Many of these supplements are classified as “legal steroids” and contain no banned ingredients. Muscle building supplements are safe to take and not harmful to your body. They help build the mass and also help increasing strength.


Explosive Reps for Muscle Mass
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