Video Testimonials

We Regularly Search The Internet For Product Reviews. We Update This Database as Often As Needed. Video Testimonials Categorized Based On Product Category.   Video testimonials – Real Customers—Real Reviews—check out video testimonials. Build Muscle Mass! Gain Strength! Gain Weight! Burn Fat! While Bulking Up or Get Cut and Shredded! Are These Supplements Legal ? […]

What Are The Best Legal Steroids For Sale?

Best Legal Steroids for Sale: Top 4 Steroid Alternatives Reviewed Why Choose Legal Steroids Over Anabolic Steroids Anabolic steroids give impressive results. They enhance your performance in several ways, such as increasing muscle mass and speeding up recovery. But, the increase in performance comes at a price. Also, steroids, mostly known for causing horrible side […]

Weight Training Tips

Weight Training – Supplementing Before Bed Weight training plus protein or muscle building supplements before bed maximizes muscle protein synthesis. Consuming muscle building supplements or 30 to 50 gram protein shake before bed. Increases muscle protein synthesis. The effect, even greater if training practiced in the evening before consuming supplements. Researchers accurately assessed muscle protein […]

Biceps – Blast Your Guns!

Blasting the Guns Start with the following muscle training split- Day 1: Chest. Day 2: Back, Day 3: Arms-Triceps AM/Biceps PM, Day 4: Delts, Day 5: Legs-Hams AM/Quads PM. Off. Repeat. Biceps Cable Curls: Having that constant resistance along the entire range of motion with cables. A nice way to do 21s. Breaking the rep down […]

Fat Fighters! Simple Steps Aiding Weight Loss

Fat Fighters! Chemical in Apples Promotes Weight Loss Ursolic acid is a chemical found in apples, basil, cranberries, peppermint, oregano and prunes. It is used in a variety of cosmetic products and can inhibit the growth of some types of cancer cells. A Chinese study on rats found that ursolic acid fat fighter supplements reduced […]

Build Muscles With Protien

The Protein and Muscle Connection At one time or another whether a bodybuilder or just staying in shape, you will want to build muscle mass. Proteins are believed to increase performance in terms of athletics. Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, are used for building muscle tissue and repairing damaged tissues. Several studies suggest that adding […]

Build Big Muscles With Super Sets

If you have been lifting weights for sometime or have been reading bodybuilding magazines and journals, you would have probably heard of super setting. However, how often have you seen people super setting when weight lifting? If you did, did you notice those guys who were super setting were almost invariably the bigger muscles boy. […]

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