HIIT vs Volume Training

The Debate Between Volume Training and HIIT The perfect exercise prescription for greater size or strength involves the manipulation of several key variables. Two of the most important being exercise intensity and volume training. Knowing the correct amount of each is critical for promoting the greatest gains in size or strength. However, a well defined […]

Make Sleep a Priority in Your Training

Training and Sleep Only one night of sleep deprivation prevented recovery from high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in competitive cyclists. According to a study at University of Cape Town in South Africa. Rest deprived cyclists showed decreases in power output. While sleepier and lacked motivation to train. Adequate sleep is essential for muscle recovery and restoration. […]

Citrulline Malate for Pumps and Performance

Get the Edge in the Gym or on the Field Athletes, bodybuilders and weekend warriors alike, always on the lookout for anything that’ll give them an edge. Can you blame them? Who wouldn’t want to take some type of supplement that delivers greater performance and results? Unfortunately, the vast majority of preworkout supplements on the […]

Weight Training Tips

Weight Training – Supplementing Before Bed Weight training plus protein or muscle building supplements before bed maximizes muscle protein synthesis. Consuming muscle building supplements or 30 to 50 gram protein shake before bed. Increases muscle protein synthesis. The effect, even greater if training practiced in the evening before consuming supplements. Researchers accurately assessed muscle protein […]

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